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SHOWTIME’s “Dexter” is Up to His Old Tricks in New Teaser

When the popular SHOWTIME series “Dexter” ended its eight year run in 2013, it left a sour taste in the mouth of many fans. We won’t go into details in case you haven’t watched it, but there was much rejoicing when it was announced in October of 2020 that the series would be continued in the form of a 10 episode limited series run, sometime in 2021. Well, Showtime has just dropped a new trailer upon us to continue building excitement for the return of the much beloved serial killer.

We reported the return of “Dexter” when it was announced last year, and were happy to see that both lead actor Michael C. Hall and showrunner Clyde Phillips returning in their respective roles. While plot details remain scarce, if SHOWTIME’s latest teaser is any indication, Dexter Morgan has been a busy boy since we last saw him.

Michael C. Hall as “Dexter,” SHOWTIME

The 30-second clip is entitled, “Misunderstood,” drawing its name from the classic 1964 Nina Simone song “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.” It’s a more than fitting piece considering the lyric depicts the singer as a good-intentioned person whose imperfections cause them to do foolish, harmful things at times. It’s fairly safe to say that the song wasn’t referring to someone who tries to satiate their sociopathic bloodlust by killing other people whom they deem “bad,” but if you expand the meaning a bit, you’ve got Dexter.

As the music plays the camera pulls back from a forested setting, through the window of a house, revealing Dexter standing inside, gazing outward. In the windows reflection we see his blank glare and more importantly, a live body wrapped and bound in plastic and tape. We hear the soft, muffled cries of Dexter’s latest victim while they struggle against their bindings.

Dexter – Misunderstood Trailer – Showtime
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In a cheeky, fourth-wall breaking moment, Dexter turns from the window to directly face the camera. His blank expression gives way to a knowing smile, after which he flexes his eyebrows up to the sound of a plucky little “ding.” All the while, Nina is singing the line “my intentions are good,” which, Dexter being Dexter, is wonderfully wrong and right on so many levels.

Dexter – Misunderstood Trailer – Showtime

Here’s hoping that the “Dexter” revival can live up to the standards that the series set while it was at its height. Whether you liked the original finale or not, there’s little argument that the showrunners could’ve easily continued Dexter’s story from where it ended. Maybe this time around when it comes to sticking the landing so to say, they’ll kill it.

The “Dexter” revival does not have an official release date as of yet but is currently being promoted by Showtime as premiering in the fall of 2021.

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