“Yakuza Lover” Is A Great Manga For Those Who Like “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Let’s start this off by saying I did not know that VIZ Media had such adult choices of manga! “Yakuza Lover” is a story about a pretty average college girl who happens to accidentally meet a yakuza boss. It’s love at first sight and things escalate very quickly. The author and illustrator Nozomi Mino doesn’t mislead you either. In the beginning of the book there is a special note to their readers.

They say, “Thank you for reading. I hope you’ll continue to follow this love story. It can get foolish at times, but it’s brimming with passion.”

The book is just that. A story about foolish girl named Yuri who falls head over heels with Toshiomi, the under-boss of the Oya syndicate. It almost seems unbelievable that Oya who is so experienced would fall just as in love with this young naïve girl but he does. And the story is just as Nozomi Mino says, “brimming with passion.”

They Meet

We meet Yuri at a party looking for a boyfriend. She’s just about to leave when she accidentally opens a door to a room with people and drugs. The people inside the room say that they will make her an “accomplice” and she goes off. Lucky for her she is a strong and independent woman who knows how to carry herself. She yells at them and picks up a chair to defend herself and her friend that she had come to the party with.

It’s then that Toshiomi comes in. The under-boss of the Oya syndicate. He comes in and saves her, kind of, she probably could have handled herself to be honest. He gives her his card that he says will “act as a shield” if she ever gets into trouble again. They seem to connect and then they go their separate ways. She’s left with his coat which she returns only to see him again.

An Unusual Romance

For the duration of the manga the two see each other infrequently. Toshiomi is always on Yuri’s mind and when they do get together.. well let’s just say that there are a lot of fireworks. Yuri wants to be everything for Toshiomi and isn’t quite sure if it’s because he’s so dangerous that she is so infatuated with him. But the two seem to have a romance that would be envied by anyone reading.

He gives her gifts and completely spoils her which she’s not quite used to. There is a part where she accidentally gets a job at one of his businesses where there are hostesses and clients. She was only in it for the quick money and only to buy him a gift to reciprocate his kindness. When he walks in he is smooth and cool, but under the surface he is extremely jealous that others had gotten to see her. He sees Yuri as his and is not inclined to share her with anyone. Very steamy scenes happen as the result of this.

They go on a trip to another country which is pretty much their first actual date. Yuri and Toshiomi are able to express themselves like a couple of tourists until..


Ready for Part Two!

Without saying a lot let’s just say that there’s a cliff hanger. Just when the two thought they would be safe, or at least Yuri did something happens and we’re left with an uneasy feeling. And one that makes us want to read book two already!

If you think that you would be interested in this spicy romance story you can pick up a copy on Amazon by clicking the link here. This book would be a great gift for anyone who enjoys movies like “Fifty Shades of Grey” and also likes anime. There are a lot of romantic scenes that are borderline not safe for work. I would recommend reading this in private. Or just in a place you can blush without anyone looking at you.

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