Replacing Indiana Jones’ Golden Idol with Cat is Just as Suspenseful

Have you ever tried to rub the belly of a cat? I mean one that seems to be inviting you in, sprawled out on his back and looking at you all innocently? Well let me tell you- even if it seems like that’s what they want there is a 99.9% chance that they are going to scratch the heck out of your arms.

And when they do it’s not like a little scratch, no they grab on tight and never let go. That’s why this newly edited scene holds just as much suspense as when Indiana Jones tries to replace the Chachapoyan Golden Fertility Idol with a bag of sand in this famous “Raiders of the Lost Ark” moment.

OwlKitty on YouTube does a great job with editing in their cat into iconic films and music videos. We also have written about the video they put out for “Home Alone” in which Kevin McAllister is home alone with a cat. If you haven’t checked out their other work, you should!

I get nervous even just looking at this picture, but it’s pretty great.

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