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What if Kevin from “Home Alone” Had a Cat With Him?

Since we’re talking about iconic Christmas movies we have to bring up this new edit of “Home Alone.” This time Owlkitty created a wacky duo by inserting a cat! This makes the movie all the more lovable because not only does Macaulay Culkin react to the scenes but so does the cat!

If we could only get an entire remaster with him and the cat that would be amazing!

Owlkitty on YouTube

Owlkitty on YouTube has a bunch of edits for classic movies and songs with one major improvement. A Cat! You can follow their YouTube page by here.

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In other Macaulay Culkin news, did you know that he changed his middle name? It’s now Macaulay Culkin Culkin! He also has his own comedy satire webpage that you can read called Check it out!

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