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A Look at Some of the Best Strategy Games You Can Play Online for Free

With millions of platforms across the web, gamers can find their favorite interactive activities online, free of charge. Let’s take a look at a variety of the best strategy games available right now and where you can play them.

The internet has made it possible for anyone to have access to an endless amount of entertainment, and many free games

Classic Strategy Games

When it comes to the world’s most beloved forms of entertainment, there’s no doubt that classic age-old strategy games like poker, chess, and backgammon top the list. Nowadays, thanks to the magic of the internet, if you’re in possession of a computer or mobile phone, you can have free access to these games at any time and place.

The process is extremely easy and convenient, as most gaming platforms are user-friendly and simple to navigate. Playing poker online comes with plenty of free options and variants which are not readily available even in traditional casinos. Engaging in the strategic game in a digital setting also allows players to practice in different tournament formats to refine their skills even further.

In the same way, fans of chess can increase their knowledge of the game by competing with players from all around the world. Online chess lets users choose their opponent and face-off against someone else at their same level. Other options for gameplay include playing against a bot, inviting a friend to compete, or even engaging in a live tournament.

Just like in chess, fans of the ancient board game, backgammon can practice their strategy while competing against an artificially intelligent opponent or playing with a friend, choosing from different levels offered online that range from easy to expert. 

City Building Strategy Games

If you’re a fan of building your own town and managing its inner workings, some of the most entertaining city-building games are available to play online for free.

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Develop your city from the Stone Ages to Colonization in Forge of Empires, getting all the supplies you need to build and expand your town. If you want to take your creation to the next level, certain add-ons and exciting features are available to purchase, although every necessity is free so you can enjoy the game without paying anything.  

Other options include a multiplayer online game. One of the best examples here is Ikariam set in ancient Greece where players are given the opportunity to build and rule their own small town, growing it and leading its people. Or, if you’d rather play in the era of kings, kick your adventure off with the possession of a small castle in KingsAge and build your leadership up, even training powerful armies.

With a handful of free locations to transport yourself to and all the leadership opportunities you could imagine right at your fingertips, what are you waiting for?

Many gaming platforms offer the same services through free, downloadable mobile applications so you can take the fun with you on-the-go and play from any location

Strategy Puzzle Games

Some of the best and most beloved puzzle games exist online for free, so if you’re looking to continue exercising those brain muscles, check out some of these classics.

Because every game of sudoku has a unique solution, there are quite literally billions of online game boards to enjoy countless hours of puzzle-solving. Also, browser-based Tetris is great fun online and even includes general gameplay information as well as an overview of how the game works with your mouse and computer at home. Customizable keyboard options are also available.

Last but not least, for people who want to experience a more modern version of the 1940’s brain-teasing, puzzle game Hex, online tournaments can be played for free against real opponents.Regardless of what interactive activity you opt for, there’s no better way to enjoy the best in classic strategy games than with the convenience and accessibility that a digital setting provides. Especially when you consider the recent improvements in digital gaming such as better personalization, gameplay complexity, and an increase in overall inclusiveness, there’s no reason not to log in and begin today. 

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