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Canadian ‘Zombies’ Protest Covid Vaccine in Toronto

Our fine neighbor to the north is also dealing with some crazies when it comes to vaccines and the STILL ONGOING DEADLY WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC. Seriously. It’s been how many months now and some idiots STILL think it’s ‘not that bad,’ or a hoax?

In anycase, Canada is also having to deal with protesters who aren’t getting what exactly is at stake- questioning the relationship of a vaccine that could save your damn life vs government control.

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Yeah. Sounds insane, right?

Enter this group of *geniuses [editor’s note: this is sarcasm, kids] who decided to don white hazmat suits and face makeup and shambling through a public space.

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According to TMZ, these “zombies” peacefully protested vaccines, while playing some choice phrases over a loud speaker, including:

““Everyone loves the pharmaceutical companies” … “Obedience is love … questioning vaccines is murder …  you are not essential. Big business is essential. The government is essential. The government is life. …  questioning masks is murder … thinking for yourself endangers the common good.””

Yikes. Don’t be these zombies, ok?

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