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Helpful Octopus Shoulder Wrap Holds All Your Stuff For You

Ever been in the kitchen and you’re looking everywhere to find that ladle you swore you just had? Well now you can keep track of everything by just snapping it in to these tentacles. They are the extra hands that you need to keep everything on you.

These body warmers have the bonus of holding things for you when you don’t have use of all your arms! Who wouldn’t want to wear this to the office and have it hold all your pencils for you? “Where are my glasses” will be a phrase you never utter again with this cool shoulder wrap.

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Village Vanguard is selling these octopus wraps for 3,800 yen which is about $37 USD. The tentacles have snaps on them so that you can clip in heavier objects. You can also fold in lighter things into the tips. There are a few tentacles that are also removable too if you find you’re overwhelmed by the amount of octopi you are surrounded with.

Size: Approx. W530 x H630 x Fabric thickness: Approx. 15 mm
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