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Don’t Forget To Decorate Your Quarantine Beard for the Holidays!

If you can grow facial hair, it’s a good bet you maybe grew a pandemic or quarantine beard in 2020. Sure, we all have to wear masks when we go out, but that shouldn’t stop us from dressing up if we want to once we get home. I’m just here to remind you to decorate your quarantine beard for the season, and be merry!

Here is a collection of some great ideas you can get some inspiration from:

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If you want to decorate your beard they have some cool accessories that you can grab on Amazon. Like this beard glitter or these fairy lights. And don’t forget the teeny tiny beard ornaments!

If anything comes from it you’ll get a few good pictures to remember your epic quarantine beard. So when you feel like you have to shave and go back out into the workplace you’ll have this to look back on. Happy holidays, folks!

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