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Website Offers Free Personalized Video Messages From Santa Claus

Portable North Pole is now offering free personalized video messages for kids this year! They do have options where you can pay to get upgraded services but for the sake of Christmas magic they are offering a base video for free.

This year has been full of anxiety for parents even just thinking about taking the kids out to see Santa. Places like Bass Pro Shops have a Santa experience where you can visit him separated by Santa’s Magic Glass“which is just a large sheet of plexiglass. And malls have Santa separated from children by objects that obstruct their path.

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This is probably the more festive alternative to not being able to sit on Santa’s lap. There are two short videos that you can try for free or you can add on services that range from $4.99 to $14.99. They do a combination of phone calls and video calls and you can meet with either Santa or Mrs. Claus. A portion of all of the sales is being donated to local children’s hospitals so you’re also helping out those in need when purchasing these extra bells and whistles.

Portable North Pole

Check out their website and learn more about how it works by clicking the link here.

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