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One of the Legendary Stan Lee’s Colorful Rants Gets Animated

Stan Lee was and always will be a legend. And part of that legend is that he was one of the most personable people you could ever meet. Lee’s former sound engineer Aaron Fromm had a snippet of him going on a rant which artist Kosperry animated for him.

YouTube, art by Kosperry

The results? A short video titled “Sessions with Stan.”

“This is a real recording, from one of my favorite memories of the old man,” Fromm said.

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Fromm says in the narration that from the time he was 19 to the time he was 28 he got to work with the late great Stan Lee. Throughout his time working with him he had a few favorite moments with this one being one of the top memories.

He wouldn’t always curse but when he did it was wholesome.

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