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Disney+ Releases Opening Credits for “Marvel’s 616” Docuseries

We are very pleased to share the first look at the opening credits for the upcoming docuseries “Marvel’s 616,” an exclusive to Disney+ series coming later this month.

616 refers to the prime Earth in Marvel Comics’ multiverse, and this 8-episode series will explain how Marvel Comics and characters have influenced the world around them.

The title credits were designed by Patrick Clair, and the music is from composer Jeremy Turner. Check it out:

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Patrick Clair said of the main title release:

“The 616 main titles needed to capture the relationship between Marvel’s readership and the real world unfolding ‘right outside their window’—the stories may be fantastical, but they didn’t reflect a fantasy, they reflected the real struggles of men and women across the nation and the century.

Inspired by Jeremy Turner’s epic score, we scoured the Marvel archives for iconic illustrations of comic characters and then used a ripped page device to marry these with photographs of real Marvel readers, leaders and artists. There’s a wealth of history to plunder here, and the hardest part was narrowing down to just a minute of material—a testament to the scope and reach of Marvel’s impact over the decades.”

Turner also spoke about the project, saying:

“Receiving the call to compose for Marvel 616 was a tremendous thrill and I felt lucky to contribute some notes to the already deep and diverse musical universe of Marvel. Knowing what the fans have grown accustomed to over the years, my intention for the main titles was simply to accentuate the idea that everyone has a superhero inside of them.”

Marvel’s 616” hits Disney+ exclusively on November 20th, 2020.

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