“Beetlejuice” Recently Deceased and Sandworm Sneakers Available Now

Fashion is a great way to express yourself and show off the kinds of things that you like. It can be a subtle reference or something more in your face, or in this case on your foot. Fun.com has released some really cool “Beetlejuice” shoes and they are some great looking kicks.

They come in two different designs. One gives tribute to the Handbook for the Recently Deceased and has a beautiful maroon color. The other design has a sandworm, and black and white stripes like our favorite friends outfit. I’ve said it twice in the article already if you count the title, so let’s not say it again and summon him.

The Walking Dead

What a lovely day to be dead! As a recently deceased soul, the Land of the Dead offers plenty of great sights for you to traverse with those ghostly feet of yours. You could stroll the halls of the municipal building for the dead while you wait for a meeting with your appointed caseworker. You could leisurely walk across the limbo deserts of Saturn. (Watch out for those deadly Sandworms breaking through the dunes if you do.) You could…

Wait, what’s that you say? You’re still alive? Well then, it might be a little while before you get to experience everything that the Land of the Dead has to offer, but you can certainly enjoy walking on planet Earth like a ghost when you wear these Beetlejuice shoes.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, B—

Stop! Don’t you dare say that name one more time! Don’t write it. Don’t even think it. Sure, he almost seems harmless. A bit, crude, perhaps, but he certainly doesn’t seem dangerous. That’s what Lydia and the Maitlands thought, and look what happened when they unleashed into the world of the living! He tricked Lydia into a bogus deal, wrecked the Maitlands’ house, and assailed the Deetz’s guests. Yes, we think that HE belongs in the Land of the Dead. It’s just not wise to go around tossing out the name, “Beetlejuice,” all of the time…

Oh, no! We said it a third time! What sort of calamity have we unleashed upon the world of the living? Hold on a second… footwear? What are these doing here?

You can check these two designs out on Fun’s website here. I haven’t had the pleasure of wearing any of Fun’s shoes, so no idea how they rate on the comfort scale. However if we’re going to talk comfort- their ugly sweaters are some of the most comfortable things I own.

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