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Arby’s Unveils Deep Fried Turkey Pillow for the Holidays

It’s getting nearer to Turkey Day in the states. To kick things off for the holiday, Arby’s has just unveiled a new deep fried turkey pillow. Why would anyone need a pillow that looks like a deep fried turkey?

Well the answer is that they probably don’t- but that never stopped anyone.

If were going to compare this to other recent news concerning comfort and food, we’ll point out that McDonald’s recently offered a giant chicken nugget pillow, which sold out. So, we’re going to guess that this pillow will sell out as well- and for the price of $59.99, it can be yours!

The appeal of this pillow is that it fits right over your head! That means that if you go to a family gathering this year(IF) then you can drown out Aunt Suzie’s shrill voice by just putting it on and napping on the couch. Hey, It’s festive! You’re basically doing an interpretive dance of a cooked turkey’s effect on a human by sleeping from all the tryptophan.

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They also highlight that you can use this as a comfortable workspace solution for when you need that power nap.

If you want to get your own turkey pillow, then you can enter for a chance to win one by clicking the link here.

Arby’s is also offering a Snapchat and Instagram filter for those of us who want one and cant get it, so that we can try it on and see how it would look.

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