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A Spooky Bat Facemask Perfect for Halloween

Having primarily black clothes in the closet and a goth aesthetic can be hard to match a facemask to. But thankfully we’ve found these bat facemasks and now we can wear them all during October and beyond!

These masks fit perfect over most shaped faces and they cover the nose and mouth exactly like they are supposed to! Maybe Batman would opt for a mouth covering like this since his usual uniform doesn’t cover some very important parts when keeping safe.

These masks are being sold here. While that may seem a lot for a mask think of it as more of an accessory you would wear all the time. According to the listing:

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An exquisite shield for a bewitching creature. 
The HL for Mantrap Edition Bat Mask is handsewn from 100% Cotton Sheeting, a tightly woven natural fiber. The four-panel construction allows for a more flattering and better fit. It’s easy to care for, too: simply hand wash, air dry, and (optional) steam press for a crisp finish. This is a fashion mask. Made in California.

Creep it Real ^..^

You may want to try to fit a filter into it for added protection but if you’re just wearing a fabric mask anyway this is going to protect you on the same level as that.

Check out their website here!

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