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Ouija Board Perfect For a Sailor Moon Magical Girl

Ready to use your magical powers to call upon the dead for answers? Have more of a pink Sailor Moonie vibe than that of the mysterious and witchy? Or maybe you’re both witchy and pastel like me. We’ve just found the perfect Ouija board for you.

On Etsy, MailoniKat is selling two different versions of the “Sailor Moon” styled spirit board. One on a black background, and one on pink. So you can choose which one you like best. Oh and even better is the fact that the pointers come in all of the inner Sailor Senshi’s colors and symbols.


As you can see this board is beautiful. And not only is it pretty but it also comes on real pine wood instead of the plain print outs that you will usually find of similar products. According to one verified buyer it also comes in a nice pouch that makes it easy to travel with. You can get it with one of the Sailor’s planchettes but it would seem that pink is the only one “in stock”. You can message the seller to request one of the other Senshi’s and make sure it’s available.

The listing says:

Keep Going!
1 of 1,047

Calling the spirits has never been so cute! Inspired by Sailor Moon
You can get it with one planchette or the 5 original Sailor Senshi’s planchettes
The Ouija board is an original illustration encapsulated with epoxy resin in black painted wood.
The planchette is also an original illustration encapsulated in epoxy resin with velvet on the back for it to travel smoothly through the board.


This would make the perfect gift for any Moonie you know. And more than likely they won’t already have one so bonus points for the gift giver. I know it’s really hard to buy Sailor Moon gifts for those who collect because we tend to just buy what we like outright. But this product is likely to fly under the radar for most who only follow official channels of merchandise like Bandai or Great Eastern.

You can check out all of the amazing things that MailoniKat has up for sale on their Etsy profile here.

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