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Disney+ Announces “LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special” Release Date!

If there’s ONE THING we’re really looking forward to this year, it’s the return of a holiday institution, albeit in a new form. We’re speaking of course of CLASSIC “Star Wars Holiday Special,” a polarizing made-for-tv romp celebrating Life Day with a little help from the cast of that cosmic conflict saga.

Some of you still have never seen it- and maybe that’s for the best. It….hasn’t aged well, but the [probably] coke-fueled special is one for the books, and anyone who loves “Star Wars.”

We joked about it for an entire year once Disney+ announced their plans to produce and house new “Star Wars” content, and thanks to LEGO- we’re getting our wish next month.

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Mark your calendars for November 17th for “LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special,” only on Disney+.

ALSO- check out the amazing new LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar! [Click the image to order from LEGO’s website!]

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