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“Wonder Woman 1984” Xbox One X Consoles are Really Strange

Special edition consoles are nothing new. Throughout the years, we have seen a plethora of games receive their own unique consoles. Some of these consoles, such as the “Call of Duty: Black Ops III” PS4, are huge misses. On the other hand, special consoles like the “Witcher 3” Xbox One, are super cool and highly coveted. It’s not very often that we see special consoles made specifically for a movie. That’s one of many reasons that these new special edition “Wonder Woman 1984” Xbox One X consoles are really strange.

Image Credit: Xbox & DC Comics

You can only get your hands on these consoles by winning a special contest promoting “Wonder Woman 1984.” If you are chosen, you will receive one of three special edition Xbox One X consoles. The first design is a bright orange console featuring the Wonder Woman logo in tie-dye. Strangely, the Lasso of Truth is just kind of laying on top of the console. A tie-dye controller goes with the console. Maybe it’s just me, but tie-dye and bright orange seem more like something Nickelodeon would do for an old advertisement.

Personally, the second design seems like the least strange of the three. It’s a completely gold console based off of the golden armor Wonder Woman will wear during the film’s climax. It has the abbreviation for “Wonder Woman 1984” prominently on its front. A gold controller tops off this ritzy-looking console. Finally, the third design celebrates villainess Cheetah’s big appearance. It’s a cheetah print console with studs in one corner and the “Wonder Woman 1984” title on it. A cheetah print controller matches the consoles. Strangest of all, the console has fur patching covering over half of it. That just seems like a recipe for an overheating console.

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Wonder Woman 1984” is releasing on October 2nd 2020. You can see the most recent trailer released during DC FanDome here.

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