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This Giant Rubber Chicken Screams for 45 Seconds, the Perfect Gift For Someone You Hate

Want to drive someone absolutely bonkers? Well here’s one way, you can get their kids an awesome two foot tall rubber chicken that screams for 45 seconds at a time. Gone are the days where you buy your nieces and nephews a drum set so that they can give their parents a headache. Now you can get this chicken and be forever loathed as “That” person.

Now we used to have a small one when my daughter was little. Her uncle had it and gave it to her, and every time we would play with it the dog would go nuts. Like full on wide eyed nuts. So this probably wouldn’t be a good gift for someone with a dog who hates the noise. Of course it’s probably not a good gift for anyone…

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If you want to check out the listing you can do so by clicking the link here. Again this thing is over two feet tall and they say that it can stand on it’s own two feet. So I guess you could make it a weird statement piece and set it somewhere in the house.

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