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New Cotton Candy Llama Popcorn Pops Up Blue!

In my life there has been one thing I’ve been trying to get people to believe and that’s that at one time there was a colored popcorn you could get in blue, green, or red. I was really young when it came out and part of me wants to call it Smart Pop even though I know that’s now a “Healthy Choice” type popcorn brand. Anyway besides my little trip down memory lane I have some news! And that’s that a new Llama popcorn that pops up blue and tastes like cotton candy is here!

One of our favorite candy and food instagrammers @Candyhunting dropped an image of the new snack. It can now be found on shelves at Walmart and they attained the lead from @sweetstuffmn.
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Now you may think “so what?” but for someone like me this is kind of a big deal. It proves maybe I wasn’t crazy and just imagined the colored popcorn of my youth. Because you can in fact make a popcorn that pops up a color.

Also this is neat because since it’s a snack it can be eaten in moderation. Plus the kids will love it because Llamas are kind of the new hotness for a while now. That and unicorns and mermaids.

If you’ve tried this tell us what you thought of it in the comments!

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