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New Java Chip Oreos Coming Soon!

If you’re a coffee lover but can’t do with all the caffeine then there’s a sweet solution coming your way. New Java Chip Oreos are Coming Soon and are bound to scratch that coffee itch. You know, the one you may have been trying to fill with Java flavored ice cream and other coffee flavored drinks? I know for me decaf helps but now that these cookies are coming, I may switch to good ole milk and Java Oreo Cookie.

CandyHunting Instagram tipped us off and when I searched it I found that they are so far only listed at Bevmo. Granted that I couldn’t actually get to the listing yet, but they are there in some capacity with an image listed in their database.
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These are said to be coming very soon. With Coffee Flavored creme and chocolate chips you really can’t go wrong. Now if they make these in thins, I predict a lot of people will be hooked.

So far there’s no word as to when exactly it will be out. But CandyHunting commented that they would be out hopefully within the next few weeks. We’re hoping here at Nerdbot it will become a permanent flavor, or at least stay out until the end of the year and sometime into 2021 before they disappear.

Again if you want to make sure you get some keep an eye on Bevmo’s site.

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