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IG-11, Mando Geeki Tikis from “The Mandalorian” Are Here!

Toynk has officially announced the upcoming arrival of two new “Star Wars” “The Mandalorian” Geeki Tikis Mug by Beeline Creative, making them the newest mugs in their Geeki Tikis “Star Wars” Mug Collection.

The new ceramic “The Mandalorian” Tiki Mug characters will include IG-11, which holds 18oz, and The Mando, who holds 20 oz.  Both mugs are officially licensed and a must-have for any Star Wars or Disney collector. You can click the images down below for more information on the Geeki Tikis.

You can pre-order now! These will be available to ship starting September 15th 2020.


Originally programmed to strictly follow the code of bounty hunters, IG-11 proved to be a threat to Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) and the Child. After being reprogrammed, IG-11 proved to be an unlikely companion in protecting and helping the protagonists of The Mandalorian series. Now IG-11 has been reprogrammed once again and tasked with a new assignment, defending your thirst! In the form of this exciting Geeki Tikis mug, IG-11 can hold up to 18 ounces of your favorite beverage for a stylish flair to your passion for drinking! This Mandalorian series favorite is ready to keep you company at the bar!


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A mysterious bounty hunter adorning the armor of the fabled Mandalorians, Din Djarin, better known as “Mando,” is the protagonist in the Disney plus Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. After happening upon an unlikely bounty, Mando finds compassion and a bond with a Yoda-like infant known as, “The Child.” Together, the two work to unravel the mysteries of one another. However, even Mandalorians deserve a break and a good drink. In the form of this exciting Geeki Tikis mug, Mando can hold up to 20 ounces of your favorite beverage, the perfect way to relax before taking your next bounty contract! This Mandalorian series favorite is ready to keep you company at the bar!

If you have had a chance to own any of these then you would know that they aren’t just for use. You can also use them to decorate and pretty much put them anywhere! For instance the set of “Lord of the Rings” ones (also available at that I have adorn my movie shelf next to my boxed set of the movies. I fully recommend getting the ones you are a fan of, that way when it comes time for a party you will be prepared! Also these are pretty easy to wash out after use, but I do recommend letting them sit in water if you serve something sticky or rinsing them right afterward.

Also if you love these you may want to check out the newly released “The Child Geeki Tiki so you can complete the set!

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