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This New Stormtrooper Geeki Tiki is a Must Have!

Geeki Tikis are the hottest new collectible and if you wanted any sort of functional Star Wars kitchen things this is it. They have just released a Stormtrooper glass and it is seriously the cutest thing we have seen in a long time. “A long time”

Artify – Square

You can use this for all sorts of stuff. Ice cream, mixed drinks, or even a regular soda. Or you can always just do what I do and display it on the shelf. You can get this Geeki Tiki from or by following the link here.

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They also have a really cool Death Star which I cannot recommend enough. It’s no moon, it’s a cup. And it’s fantastic for parties. Especially when people realize it’s not a coconut it’s actually a Death Star. Check it out here.

You can check out the entire collection of Geeki Tikis here.

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