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Your Play Style Will Influence the Weather in “Ghost of Tsushima”

“Ghost of Tsushima” is a gorgeous world to explore. Whether you enjoy the traditional samurai aesthetic or not, there’s no denying that Gin’s home is filled with beautiful sights. Add to that the game’s phenomenal photo mode and you will find yourself staring in awe at the world around you. That includes the game’s realistic portrayals of weather. From brutal storms to dense fog, Gin will journey on through the best and worst weather that his home has to offer. Did you know that your play style will actually influence what weather occurs more frequently though?

Screenshot Credit: Sucker Punch & PlayStation

No, I’m not talking about Gin’s flute. When you play the flute you can switch between rainy, sunny, storms and fog whenever you like. While it’s a nice feature, I think it is far more interesting how your actual game play influences the weather. Specifically, how you decide to take on the Mongol invaders. When you start the game, you will find yourself on the sunny and (mostly) peaceful island of Tsushima. Here Gin primarily relies on the traditional tools of the samurai. However, as the game advances you will be encouraged more and more to abandon your honor and embrace the way of the ghost. Suddenly, your peaceful island is bombarded by storms and constant darkness. This isn’t a coincidence, it’s a direct reflection of your own combat choices.

As “Ghost of Tsushima” creative director Nate Fox points out in an interview:

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“The game is definitely scripted to provide more storms as you do things which are extremely Ghost driven.”

Screenshot Credit: Sucker Punch & PlayStation

It’s almost as if Gin becomes a force of nature himself as he adapts to the Ghost style throughout the game. It makes a lot of sense too, as frequent storms give Gin the cover of darkness to sneak up on his enemies. Not to mention, the whole aesthetic of brooding Gin against a stormy backdrop fits the cinematic style of the game. So get ready, because storms are brewing and you are at their helm.

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