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New Dungeons and Dragons My Little Ponies are an 80’s Nerds Dream

It’s always nice to know that our fandoms are not forgotten. Especially when they combine them with some of our other passions. Take for instance these new Dungeons and Dragons My Little Ponies that you can get from Entertainment Earth!

These D&D My Little Ponies are full plastic and come with a booklet which tells you about them. They also come with a cute D20 die. If you want to check out the listing for them on Entertainment Earth’s site you can do so by following the link here.

My Little Pony x Dungeons & Dragons Crossover Figures
Artify – Square

“Fandoms collide with My Little Pony Crossover Collection — the first expanded universe of My Little Pony mashup characters! Crossover Collection Cutie Marks & Dragons set combines the My Little Pony form with designs inspired by the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons. Set includes 5 4 1/2-inch scale figures, each inspired by an iconic class of D&D characters. These 4.5-inch ponies wear soft, removable outfits and come in collectors’ packaging. Makes a great gift for fans of the My Little Pony or Dungeons & Dragons brand. Set also comes with an exclusive D20 die and illustrated Dungeon Master’s screen. These crossover accessories are awesome collectors’ items for roleplayers and DMs. Turn the stories you know on their tails with the My Little Pony Crossover Collection. Includes 5 pony figures, 5 outfits, 2 accessories, 1 die (d20) & Dungeon Master’s screen.”

These go along with the recent crossover “Ghostbusters” pony that was recently released.

My Little Pony x Ghostbusters Plasmane Figure
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What’s nice about these ponies is that they are made for displaying. And even if you let your kid play with them there is no chance of them messing up their hair. While I do love the classic ponies that have brush-able hair, I also realize that maintaining that mane is difficult and can be tedious.

The reason I like these so much is that they give you a way to display your current collection and also show other things you like. There is one pony that I totally missed out on in the past and regret it to this day. It was a Chucky Cheese prize and I had the tickets for it. A branded Chucky Cheese My Little Pony. I’m telling you, these ponies are going to be collectors items, so if you want to get them you should do it now before it’s too late. Don’t miss out like I did.

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