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Mickey Ear Succulent Planters Bring Magic to Your Home

For many people, the last few months have been a struggle. It’s hard not to feel down when all of your favorite places are closed. Add to that the chaos of trying to grocery shop in massive crowds and the overall doom and gloom of a pandemic. It’s the perfect recipe for negativity to creep into your thoughts and home.

Luckily though, Etsy store SteevilLabs is here to bring some Disney magic directly to you with their adorable succulent planters!

Image Credit: SteevilLabs Etsy

Whether you prefer living succulent planters or ones with immortal life, these planters will make a perfect home for them all. SteevilLabs offers a variety of colors as well as Steamboat Willie and Minnie Mouse designs. There’s even a line of planters inspired by the Disney Cruise line! Each planter is made using a 3D printer. Of course, even if you don’t own any plants these could be used as adorable storage containers for small stuff. Most planters range in price from $18 to $30 depending on their size and design.

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Image Credit: SteevilLabs Etsy

From their large round ears to the pair of buttons on Mickey’s shorts, everything about these planters will remind you of everyone’s favorite cartoon mouse. Well, unless you are a “Tom & Jerry” fan, but that’s a discussion for another day. Regardless, these planters are certainly a bright spot in an otherwise dark time. Currently, almost all of the Mickey planters appear to be sold out. However, you can request custom products still if you have something specific in mind. Otherwise, just keeping checking back on SteevilLabs’ Etsy page. I’m sure more planters will become available again once all of the COVID-19 craziness has calmed down.

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