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RUMOR: The Bad Batch “Star Wars The Clone Wars” Spinoff Happening?

We can’t fault anyone for wanting this particular RUMOR to be true, mostly because we want it to be REAL BAD. “Star Wars The Clone Wars” animated series may have more life in it, from a spinoff focusing on The Bad Batch, according to word on the galactic street.

According to Noah Outlaw on Twitter, a new series is currently in development, with members of The Bad Batch as lead characters.

Outlaw explains that this spin-off series will be set after the events the series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “The Siege Of Mandalore.” Apparently, former “Clone Wars” crew members may be involved in this possible series.

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Thanks to our friends over at Star Wars Underworld for this tipoff.

We’ve sent holos to our sources at “The Clone Wars” to see what we can find out.

This rumor is developing…

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