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Arnold Schwarzenegger Won’t Go to Gym til Mask Policies Updated

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a gym-goer for most of his life, so when he heard that gyms were opening back up of course he was out the door. He rode his bicycle on Tuesday June 16th down to Gold’s Gym to start getting back in the routine of going. Unfortunately he decided to leave because their mask policies weren’t strict enough.

According to TMZ (who broke the news this morning), Schwarzenegger is being very careful about coronavirus. He wants people to wear masks not only in common areas but also while working out. The reason for this is because many of the weights will be breathed on without one. And even if you wipe it down afterwards if you aren’t wearing a mask what good does that really do?

Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2020 – Gage Skidmore

He hasn’t given up however. He does have an amazing home gym to use. And he says he will be doing so until either mask policies are more restricted or there is a vaccine for COVID-19.

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It’s really not a shock that he doesn’t want to go where it seems unhealthy. He’s always been and advocate for healthy living and besides smoking a little pot hasn’t really had any instances of drug use. Even when he used steroids it was under a doctors supervision and it was totally legal at the time.

It’s also a good thing that he is staying healthy because Schwarzenegger’s daughter Katherine is pregnant with Chris Pratt‘s baby. So he will probably be wanting to get in on some snuggle time once the baby is here.

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