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COVID-19 Essentials Pop-Up Store Marks Start of New Enterprise

If you thought that it was tough getting things like cool masks or other COVID-19 essentials then you’re not alone. For a while it was nearly impossible to get any supplies as stores were sold out of many cleaning supplies and other necessities. Now a pop up store called “COVID-19 Essentials” has popped up in the Aventura Mall in (you guessed it) Florida, and it’s signaling a new enterprise of stores that are sure to start showing up all over.

Nadav Benimetzky, COVID-19 Essentials: “Anything that’s COVID-19 related, we have it.”

COVID-19 Essentials pop up front in the Aventura Mall

Benimetzky says that, “The demand was there. Everybody was kind of looking for masks and sanitizers and anything to do with COVID.”

Before you enter the store you are scanned with a thermal imaging camera. The store teamed up with Kent Security so that they could make sure their customers were all healthy in a non invasive way.

They have a catalog of accessories including infrared thermometers, face shields, gloves, non-contact door openers, phone sterilizers, lots and lots of hand sanitizer. Plus lots of masks which are going to be our normal for a while.

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The first store may be in Aventura Mall in Florida, but we’re sure to see many more stores open up like this throughout the states. It’s nice to be able to visit a physical store with in stock inventory then having to wait for something to be delivered. And if you live nearby you can visit it easily and safely.

You can watch a video of the broadcast by 7 News Miami here.

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