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ProFlex Skins Allow You To Customize Your Controllers With Ease

I hate regular controllers. There’s something about the plain black or white of them that is so unappealing. They lack originality. That’s why I always make a point to go out and buy limited edition controllers. In particular, I really love the Alpine Green and Berry Blue controllers for my PlayStation 4. That small pop of color in my hands makes my gaming experience just a little bit brighter. So I was super excited to discover VGF Gamers’ ProFlex skins.

I really like the Fusion design. In fact, the mixing of bright orange and blue makes it my favorite! (Image Credits to VGF Gamers)
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ProFlex skins are silicone skins that you slip over your PS4, Xbox One or Switch Pro controllers. They come in a variety of interesting designs such as aurora, tie dye, wildfire or fusion. It’s like adding a decal to your controllers without the worry of a sticky mess later. ProFlex skins don’t stop at simply brightening up your controllers though. They also help improve your gaming performance. Their silicone design means you will have better grip on your controller while you play.

Additionally, ProFlex adds studded grips on the front and ridged grips on the back of each controller. This is just an extra way to ensure you maintain a good grip on your controller. Each surface is also anti-sweat, so your controller is protected from your more intense gaming moments. Or in my case, it’s protected from my frequent snacking sessions. I still don’t understand why I always wanted to eat Cheetos with a white Xbox controller. These skins are also super affordable, averaging anywhere from thirteen to twenty bucks. If you need multiple skins for multiple controllers then you are in luck. You can get free shipping when you order two or more grips. So head over to VGF Gamers and check them out. Maybe you will find a design that is perfect for your gaming experience.

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