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Jason Paige Parodies the Pokemon Theme to fit COVID-19 Times

The original singer of the Pokemon theme song Jason Paige is known for not only bringing us a huge part of our childhoods, but also his parodies on the theme itself. His iconic voice rings through as he sings about what it’s like in a world with coronavirus.

He says in the caption for the video, “Laughter is the best way fix a problem. Not intended as employment advice. Do your own research.”

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The video shows him going around trying to catch all the cases of COVID-19 before they spread to other people. Showing things like social distancing signs as well as how you are tested for the virus. Jason suits up and goes out much like one might to play Pokemon Go if they were being extra precautious.

He also sings about the importance of using a facemask. And drops some very useful information about how social media and other platforms are combating against misinformation on the virus.

In the past he’s done other parody videos but none quite as informative as this one. It’s actually a great teaching tool for kids too. My five year old got more out of watching this video then me trying to explain things to her about a million times. Just goes to show when idols tell you something it sticks far better than when your parents tell you.

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