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Realistic Big Foot Hoodie Complete with Nipples Now Being Sold

If you’ve ever wanted to be warm and hairy then I’ve found just the product for you. Even though at the time of this writing summer is approaching that doesn’t mean it won’t get cool in the afternoon. And when it does you can be sure to grab your realistic anatomically correct big foot hoodie to get snug and cozy.

The best part about this is that it will make you feel even warmer than with a regular sweater. How you ask? Well if you equate being hairy to warmth your brain will do all the work for you there. It’s a simple case of mind over matter.

The Green Head mentioned these hoodies and we can’t wait to get one of our own. Currently being sold on Alohazing and hopefully Big Foot Hoodies will be coming to Amazon soon we will soon be able to stand in the background of photos and strike a pose. You know the one I’m talking about..

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And of course I can’t help think of this..

A woman is suing California for not recognizing Bigfoot as a ...
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