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Pillsbury Funfetti Cereal is Coming This August!

If you’re like me you love everything Funfetti. Whether that be the cake batter mixes or the icing. There’s just something about funfetti that puts a party in your mouth. And now we can take that one step further and include this delicious treat for breakfast. Of course that means it will be slightly better for us than the cake mix, but probably not much. And it’s a great way to get your kid all hyped up for the day, which I can’t wait for…


“Sprinkled with bright colors and remaining true to the Funfetti cake taste”

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While we don’t have much information on nutritional value they do say that it will be true to the funfetti taste. They appear to be corn puffs with rainbow bits and if they are just that they should taste pretty good anyway.

Funfetti Cereal will come in 17-oz family-size boxes, and will have a price range depending on the retailer and location. You can look forward to seeing this in most stores August 2020.

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