Skittles Gives Up Their Rainbow to Celebrate Pride Month

Skittles is known for its iconic vibrant colors and fruity flavors. But until the end of June, the candy is losing its rainbow to celebrate Pride month and show support to #OneRainbow that matters.

The limited-edition Pride pack is making its first debut in the US (though it has previously been launched in Germany, the UK, and Canada). The packaging will be grayscale with the lettering “Only one rainbow matters during Pride”. The candies inside will be colorless, with the signature letter “S” on each. And don’t worry, your chewy candies will still be flavorful! You can still expect the signature fruity flavors of grape, lemon, apple, strawberry, and orange. It’s like a mystery pack – you don’t know which flavor your gonna get each time!

Image: Skittles

The limited-edition offering will be available in CVS and selected Walmart around the US from now throughout June. For each package sold, $1 will be donated to GLAAD, an LGBTQ+ advocacy group. The candy comes in Share Size packs ($1.79) and in Medium Stand Up Pouches ($2.59).

Check out the Pride Packs in Germany, Canada, and the UK:
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