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Crayola Releases New Colors of the World 32-Count Crayon Set

Crayons have come in sets like this before but never with as many colors as 32 in a set. And now kids will be able to find the color closest to their skin and be able to see themselves on paper. Which is a great thing to be able to do. Now it’s not just the caucasian kids that will be represented and we can finally get all the colors of the skin tone rainbow.

It’s a step towards building inclusivity to all cultures and races. And it’s a great way to teach kids that all people are beautiful. They now have colors called:

These color names are also a great way to describe skin tones. I remember when I was younger not having the correct vocabulary to describe what my friends looked like to my parents. I was always worried about what to say because growing up in a white household in the 90’s was still very much of a different time. And since I made friends with everyone I didn’t want my parents to be judgemental of them, or my grandparents for that matter. Mainly my grandfather. Anyway… I think it’s great that these exist and will be buying a set for my daughter so that we can teach her further about other races and cultures.

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From a parenting aspect these are wonderful. And from an artists perspective these are also amazing. True we’ve been able to mix colors of paint to get just the right shade and hue, but when we use something like crayons as a media there’s really no mixing that you can do to make it blend perfectly.

These crayons come out on July 7th and will only cost you $1.77 if you pre-order them from Walmart. So why not go ahead and get a set? You won’t regret it!

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