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Maryland Restaurant Using Bumper Tables To Keep Guests Six Feet Apart

Staying six feet apart from others isn’t always easy. Inside grocery stores, packed aisle ways often lead to people brushing up against one another. It can be even worse in checkout lines, where some people choose to ignore the markers on the floors entirely. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could guarantee people won’t get too close to you? Well, one Maryland restaurant is making sure people can’t.

In Ocean City, Maryland a restaurant called Fish Tales decided to take social distancing into their own hands. They teamed up with Baltimore-based company Revolution Event Design & Production to roll out these amazing “bumper tables.” What exactly are these tables you ask? Well, each table is essentially an inflatable inner tube on wheels. Each table has a hole in the center which can accommodate a person around 4 to 6 feet tall. Sadly, young kids will have to skip out on the fun for now. Thanks to the wheels, guests can freely move around and talk to others while still maintaining a safe distance. Best of all, you always have a table in front of you to enjoy your food.

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Credit: Twitter/@CamilaFNews

It’s a great way to allow guests to enjoy their meal while also socializing in the restaurant’s parking lot. So far, Fish Tales has purchased a total of 10 “bumper tables” from Revolution Event Design & Production. Due to overwhelmingly positive responses, Fish Tales plans to purchase an additional 40 tables. In fact, companies from across the nation have reached out to Fish Tales to find out where they can buy some tables for themselves. So keep your eyes peeled because “bumper tables” could be coming to a restaurant near you.

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