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Best Games to Play with Family – Make Your Isolation Interesting

The modern world is changing every day, and these changes are sometimes negative. 2020 was a difficult year for almost the entire planet due to the coronavirus pandemic. A large number of countries have quarantined and obliged citizens to go to self-isolation. At first glance, this seems terrible, because you are forced to stay at home, and every day it becomes like the previous one. But everything is much better. After all, now you have time to play the legendary board games, which are real classics. Moreover, you can go to a fascinating world with your whole family and friends. We will recommend the best options that deserve your attention.


Artify – Square

This is a popular board game created by Steve Jackson, illustrated by John Kowalich and published by Steve Jackson Games. It was created according to the book “The Munchkin Powergaming Guide” and received Origins awards in 2000 and 2002 in the nomination “The best board games of the world”. After the success of the base version, several other variations and additional sets of cards were released that expand the capabilities of the players.

Everyone starts as a person from the first level without any class, and his goal is to reach level 10. In each round, the player draws a corresponding card and checks what is on the other side. If there is a monster inside, the player must fight him. To win, a player’s level increased by his cards and objects must be higher than the level of a monster. All other players can influence the battle. They are allowed to add cards, both in military operations and in the monster, to offer help, blackmail, etc. The main task is to kill monsters and collect treasures that allow you to develop new skills and buy the best equipment. The standard session lasts up to 2 hours, but you will want to return to this board game again and again.

Arkham Horror

More than 10 years have passed since the 2nd edition of The Horror of Arkham was published. She became popular quite quickly among admirers of G. Phillips Lovecraft and adventure games. After a damn dozen years (and this is very symbolic) came the third edition of this legendary entertainment.

Again terrible danger loomed over Arkham. Creatures from another space crept into our world. Players have to survive the mystical events, meet with the supernatural, fight monsters, go on a dangerous journey through other worlds.

The game has undergone many changes. Now it has improved, new mechanics have appeared. The first innovation concerned the playing field – in the updated version it is a modular component. On the field there are tiles, areas, streets, connecting a variety of locations.

Four scenarios appeared, each with a separate Ancient and a playing field. You can challenge Cthulhu, Azathoth, Hastur, and Shub-Nigguratu. It is worth considering that their strength in our world will increase in proportion to how detectives will fail. To win, as before, you need to collect evidence, close the gates, and destroy the monsters. True, each scenario now has its own unique rules, so the adventures cannot be the same and always differ from each other.

Each detective also has its own story, motives, and characteristics. And yet, you can choose the starting equipment. Each game is divided into rounds, they in turn into phases. The players themselves can decide the sequence of moves. To win, you need to perform some actions that depend on the scenario. To reach the finals, you have to investigate or die, struck by wild horror.


This game will send you to the most interesting fantasy world. Actions take place in a fabulous place where various creatures live. Among them are magicians, sorcerers, gnomes, giants, werewolves, and ordinary people. But the world is so small that it’s simply impossible to get along with everyone under one sky, so you have to fight for your place.

The game opens up a unique opportunity to try yourself in the role of leader of different races, each of which has its unique abilities. Besides, the players will have to choose 20 additional special features and thereby create a unique combination, which will form the basis of the strategy.

Victory points can be obtained thanks to diplomatic abilities, intimidation, and recruiting enemy units. Also during the game, you have to conquer new areas, build tactics. After some time, the game can completely change the course, as a result of which the player replaces the developed race with a new one with different abilities. A great way to develop logical abilities, spend time fun, and profitably.

Red Tavern

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However, you can relax from war, intrigue, or deceit and just spend time in the hospitable Red Tavern. Here, booze flows like water, and stories about treasures, exploits, dangers, and various adventures do not end there. The Red Dragon Tavern is a place for the bravest heroes, where they can not only relax but also heal their wounds.

In the evening, after a tiring day in the dungeons, the heroes need to relax properly. And best of all, this can be done in the tavern. Stories about adventures, exploits, and dangerous villains. About ancient treasures and sacks of gold.

But you should always be on the alert! After all, pretty drunk, and you can lose your wallet. Game rules are not complicated: the hero who remains at the gold and in the mind wins. The player will play the role of the selected hero to withstand all the hardships of a party. You can be a brave warrior, funny rogue, wizard, or priestess, in the “Red Dragon” everyone is welcome!

Twilight Imperium

From the Middle Ages, we will move on to the same popular and fascinating theme of distant space. The 4th edition is the most advanced version of all the Twilight Imperium board games. It was first released in 1997 and immediately gained legendary status. 3-6 players will carry out the military, political and economic struggle for control of the galaxy. By waging wars, trading, conquering more planets, and expanding their political influence, they earn victory points. 10 points are enough to win, but collecting them is not easy.

At the beginning of each game, participants build their galaxy. Thanks to this, each game will become a unique strategic experience from the very beginning. Each turn begins with the selection of 1 of 8 strategic cards, which not only determine the order in the round but also provide strategic advantages – from additional tokens to strengthening control over trading contracts. After choosing roles, players consistently move their fleets from system to system, conquer new planets, establish diplomatic and commercial relations with other factions, choose new laws that will now apply to the galaxy.

The key to victory is not only politics and space conquest, but also good relations with other players. Each race produces its unique goods that have no value until they are sold to other players. Participants will always be faced with a choice – to sell their goods and push another player to victory or get something on their own, keep it for themselves and develop slowly, but steadily.


We want to finish the TOP list with a very relevant game that will help us to feel positive emotions. Indeed, thanks to this version, you can defeat a real epidemic and save humanity.

The board game, which became a real sensation in the world and received many awards, including the Origins Awards, was nominated for the International Gamers Award.

The players’ task is to stop the spread of 4 dangerous diseases and develop a vaccine. To achieve this goal, participants work closely with each other and fight against game mechanisms. Everyone has a role.

The mechanics of the game are based on cards with two decks. The first one contains maps showing in which city there is an epidemic threat. The second deck is cards for players. Each of them represents a city. Its color corresponds to one disease. Collecting five cards of the same suit with one player allows you to develop a vaccine that eliminates the disease. The game will end when vaccines for all four diseases are developed.


Someone will say about computer games, but this is not the same format. Because board games not only help to have fun together but also develop logical thinking and imagination. The time spent here will be interesting and rewarding. Choose the best option and go to conquer the galaxy, conquer other races, fight demons. However, you can feel like a doctor saving the planet or just relax in the tavern. The choice of a pleasant pastime is yours.

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