Beetlejuice Lamps Will Add Whimsical Light to Any Room

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beet-nope, not today! There’s a much better way to bring the kooky and often unwelcome “bio-exorcist” guest into your home without actually summoning him. How about a quirky lamp in those easily identifiable referee stripes?

Omulamp on Etsy makes multiple lamps with bendy designs and those signature black and white stripes. Each lamp will remind you of that moment in Beetlejuice when his arms got really long and wobbly. It’s almost like seeing one of those weird inflatable guys outside of car lots, except far more terrifying. Each lamp is made out of wood with a coating of decorated paper streamers. Inside each lamp, resin and foam ensure that the lamp stays both lightweight and durable. You can get one big lamp, a duo, a trio, or one large swirl. There are also additional colors like a purple and black or gold and black version.

It’s the perfect gift for someone looking for something a little different in their home. Or perhaps they are a huge Tim Burton fan and the lamp is one of many Burton accessories to grace their home. Honestly, Beetlejuice would probably buy this for himself because that’s just how he is. One thing is for sure, these lamps will definitely be a lot less annoying and intrusive than the real deal. Plus, you get free shipping with your purchase. You can see all of the lamps for yourself at Omulamp’s Etsy shop.

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