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Quest Decks Add Tons of Awesome Side Quests to Your D&D Campaign

The unlikely band of adventurers find themselves in the sprawling city of Yadven. Creatures of all kinds shop at the massive open air market. Gas lights provide a warm glow to the darkening streets. Directly before them sits a three-story inn with a sign boasting “all adventurers welcome!” Beside the inn, a large wooden notice board is covered in various requests and bounties. Do you check it out?

If you’re the type of adventurer that jumps at the chance to take on some side quests, then Quest Decks is your dream come true. Quest Decks is a kickstarter project started by Dice Dungeons to make side questing simple. Each deck contains 45 quest prompts in the form of posted notices or bounties. Dungeon Masters can choose how to utilize these cards to offer their play group a variety of different side quests and tasks. Perhaps they will leave it to chance and select a few prompts at random for a notice board? Maybe they have pre-selected a few prompts that fit their specialized environment? Either way, these prompts will help play groups get into the spirit of side questing.

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Thanks to the massive response to their kickstarter, Dice Dungeons have created a ton of different decks to choose from. Looking to plunge your party into quests of intrigue and nobility? Try the For The Crown deck. Want to take on super corporations and mechanoids? There’s the Neon Dystopia Deck. Do you love the idea of exploring horrific and maddening beings like the Daedric Princes in the Elder Scrolls? The Eldritch Omens deck might suit your taste. There’s a deck for almost every play style and world you can dream up.

You can check out all of the amazing decks up for offer over on the official Kickstarter page. Have a blast taking on some unique challenges and maybe even earning some sweet rewards.

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