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Blender in a Bottle’s Whiskware Releases New Marvel & DC Themed Snack Packs

If you’re a parent or even someone who likes to take snacks with you on the go then Whiskware has the thing for you. They’ve released Marvel, DC, Harry Potter & Star Wars designs on their new snack packs. Each one comes with three compartments and can hold 1/3 cup, 1 cup, and 1 cup.

These are handy because they screw together and are dishwasher safe. And since they are tall that means they don’t take up much backpack space. Bonus is that they have the handle on top which means if you’re using a stroller you can easily attach it to your Caribbeaner. You know, that little hook you attach your purse or backpack to? Yeah that thing.

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Better yet is each of these containers is only $12.99 so you can afford to get one or two or your favorite characters. They would make a great snack container for the beach this summer assuming we can go to them, or even just an outing in the car. And they come apart easily enough so that you can hand it to your four or five year old and they can put it back together when they are finished.

It’s also nice that you won’t need to keep buying plastic baggies for everything since we know that plastic waste is bad. And annoying because let’s face it most of those old snack bags get left in the backseat for when you clean out the car once a month.

You can check them out on Whiskware’s website by clicking the link here.

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