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5 Tips for Improving Reading Comprehension

Reading is one of the skills that many people do not perceive to be important. However, the act of reading and understanding text in a proper manner is not only an intricate process but also interactive. Various brain functions ought to work together. Additionally, in most cases, it necessitates that you enigma through several layers of context and implication.  

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Since reading comprehension is so complex, people often find themselves comprehending the basic interpretation of a text and end up missing out on the big picture. Or, you may find your brain spinning with no idea as to what a particular text is trying to convey. Nonetheless, all students who struggle with English classes, standard tests, or day-to-day living, you need not worry about anything as you can improve reading comprehension. Wondering how? Well, below are some tips and techniques that you can you to boost your comprehension as you read. 

Analyzing literature

Before you enhance your reading comprehension, professionals from EduJungles recommend that you first figure out how you are reading and identify your limitations. This is an efficient technique that can enable you to understand your reading material better and with ease.

So, start by picking quotations or extracts from various texts in essays, news reports, textbooks, or novels that you are unfamiliar with or a text that you find difficult to understand. Read them in a normal manner as you would. While reading, you will realize that your understanding and attention of the reading material starts flagging. 

If your concentration lags after a while, start building your grit. For example, if you lose focus after some time like 15 – 20 minutes, concede it, and push yourself to increase the time. Do not sit and focus your attention on reading the same excerpt for more than an hour. So, to improve your reading, read for the maximum amount of time that you can concentrate and take a break. After, add a few minutes to your focused time and continue. Once you master it, try for a longer period and see if you are lagging or can still focus and maintain it. 

Know when to slow down

Another efficient improving reading tactic that you can embrace is knowing when to slow down. When reading a text, you will come across crucial information that will grab your attention. Hence, it is integral to slow down and read in a slow and careful manner. Similar to studying, you ought to take a break for you to comprehend and grasp the knowledge. So, you need to try and balance your speed and understanding. Thus, before you rush to complete your reading material, ascertain that you understand what you are reading. Do not be in a hurry.

Reading fast only allows you to cover a big part in less time. Additionally, it only enables you to retain little information. Thus, you need to slow down once you come across that attention-grabbing text. Read it more than once to warranty that you get the meaning then proceed. 

Improve your vocabulary

Reading and comprehension depend on the interaction of words and a combination of context and vocabulary. Hence, you need to be able to understand each piece as you move before you get to understand the whole text. If you find it hard to comprehend specific vocabulary, try picking up the meaning through context clues. How are the words and phrases used in the passage? However, it is important to find the meaning of the words and phrases that you are not familiar with. 

While you read, ensure that you draft a list of words and phrases that you are not able to recognize at first. After, create a set of flashcards of these phrases together with their definitions or meanings. Then, dedicate some time on a week-to-week basis to test and quiz yourself on your flashcards of vocabulary. But, if you do not have good vocabulary, consider searching for the best place to pay for essay and get your fast and quality written papers. 

Nevertheless, to retain your knowledge of new vocabulary, you need to employ your memorization skills. Additionally, you need to develop a habit of using these new words and phrases in your written as well as verbal communication. This practice will enable you to learn new words and phrases as well as their meanings and how best to use them. 

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Read for pleasure

The ideal and most efficient means of having improved reading skills is to practice. As the adage goes, practice makes perfect. Thus, you need to read books, articles, news reports, novels, and magazines on a regular basis. But while at it, you need to ensure that it is fun and pleasurable. 

To boost your comprehension, you need to make reading a congenial or pleasant activity rather than a regular chore. Not only will this stimulate or encourage you to engage your mind with the text but it also prompts you to embrace reading as part of your day-to-day routine. Through continuous practice and engaging your mind, you will notice the steady progress that you are making. 

Stop rereading 

When reading, you may need to take a break to understand the excerpt of your material. However, when you get back to it, you may not remember where you left. Thus, this will make you reread some of the lines you already read. As specialists from Essay Zoo state, this can lead to you forgetting what you read before. Hence, to avoid rereading your book or essay, get a ruler. Place it on top of the page that you are reading and slide it down as you read. 

However, this technique does not apply to reading material on a computer screen. Thus, when in such a situation, you can pick a piece of paper and slide it down through the text. With continuous practice, you will not need a paper or a ruler. 

In conclusion, reading is a fundamental skill that you ought to possess. However, it is not an easy process as it necessitates several brain functions to work together to get the context as well as the meaning. Additionally, it is tiresome. Thus, it requires patience and motivation. Nonetheless, this does not imply that you cannot enhance your reading comprehension skills. With the tips and techniques above, you have nothing to worry about. Practice them on a regular basis and get to improve your reading skills. 

Author: Cody Rhodes 

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