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Star Trek Gnomes Are Here to Defend Your Lawn From Interstellar Threat

Lawn the final frontier.
These are the Defenders of the Starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission: to defend the lawn against unwanted animals,
to seek out new life and make sure the humans stay inside,
to boldly go where no man has gone before, because the humans can’t leave.

If you are a garden gnome collector I have some good news for you! I was searching around Amazon for interesting things and boy was I glad that I looked at the gnome tag because I have just come across the Star Trek lawn gnomes. And they are amazing!

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Star Trek Garden Gnomes

Picard looks a little weird with his gnome beard but we can forgive it because they obviously chose to highlight his bald head. His base says engage!

Star Trek Garden Gnomes

Data is posing with his adorable cat Spot

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Star Trek Garden Gnomes

Riker’s striking his famous pose and showing off his gorgeous beard.

Star Trek Garden Gnomes

And we have Worf posing with his famous Bat’leth.

Now I would have been a lot more happier had there been a Troi but you know what? I can make this work. Heck I don’t have a lawn but I sure do want to add these to my collection!

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