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Zombie Garden Gnomes Are Here To Keep People Away From You

Now they may not be the Star Trek garden gnomes, but we can almost guarantee that during these times, we need to keep people away from our homes. What better way to tell people go away than zombie garden gnomes?

RevanantFX believes that they will be the perfect addition to your home and lawn. Honestly- we can agree with this!

Necro Neckbeard Zombie Gnome image 0
Canada Zombie Gnome image 0
Ralph The Zombie Christmas Elf Green image 0
Even the dreaded Christmas Elf got a makeover
Count Gnomula Toothy Teeth image 0
Drac is so cute!
Keep Going!
1 of 911
Vinnie The Victim whiteout eyes image 0

Each of these ravaged corpses are sculpted meticulously in water/oil clay, cast in rock solid premium grade gypsum cement, and hand-painted to bring out all of their ghoulish detail (and to ensure that no two are exactly the same). Lastly, they are each coated in a high gloss outdoor sealer to prevent any further decay and to help these poor gnomes withstand the elements in their as they await their zombie resurrection.

These would be great for Halloween or even all year round if you’re a fan of Horror. Just put some Christmas lights on them or add tiny hearts for other holidays and let them live… exist as the undead on your lawn for all times. If anything they will be sure to keep the neighborhood kids off your begonias.

You can check out the listing on Etsy here.

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