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Phil Collins – In The Air Challenge Is The Newest Game To Help With Quarantine

Growing up in my household we were exposed to a lot of classical music oh, and by classic I mean classic rock. I distinctly remember sitting in front of my parents record player and deciding whether I wanted to listen to Madonna’s Blue album, or Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album. Of course my dad did have his selection of Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Kansas, Chicago, and The Beatles well you get the point. But to me Genesis will always hold a soft spot in my heart, why? Because of Phil Collins. To me he was one of the best drummers that ever came out of the classic rock era. Of course Rick Allen from Def Leppard was pretty bad ass too. Anyway there’s now a challenge people are video taping of themselves doing the drum solo of In the Air Tonight by slamming doors and the internet can’t get enough.

Here’s a refresher in case you forgot what it sounds like. As if you could!

Artify – Square
Keep Going!
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Cool right? If you have a TikTok let’s see how you interpret this challenge!

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