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Mushroom Portable Speakers Will 1UP Your Music

Mushrooms make everything better. Our favorite overall-clad plumber proves that time and again with the lengths he goes to just to obtain one mushroom. With that in mind, why not use mushrooms to improve our music listening experience? Well, luckily we can. Best of all? There’s no need to jump around obstacles and curb stomp goombas to do it.

Three words: mushroom portable speakers. If you search those words on Google, you will find a ton of different options to choose from. The ones I specifically landed on are available at Amazon though. These adorable 1UP mushrooms look-a-likes have a colorful top for the speaker. These tops come in five colors: black, blue, cyan, red or yellow. Each mushroom has a suction cup base that can be used to stick it to various surfaces or even your phone for quick travel. Two oval buttons on the front side of the speakers look just like eyes. The left button serves as a previous/ volume- button while the right button serves as a next/ volume+ button. Just below the buttons is a tiny hole that almost looks like a small mouth open in surprise. In reality, this is a microphone for hands-free calling whenever you need it. A function control button sits at the top of the mushroom’s head. Need to charge your speaker? Simply turn it around and you will find the USB port in the back of its head.

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Some sites offer additional colors such as this site offering a pink mushroom

Across the internet these speakers range from around $9 to $16. Wish has them for $3 but I wouldn’t trust the quality at that rate. So, if you are looking to 1UP your music listening game then search around and find one of these adorable mushrooms. After all, it never hurts to have a little boost whenever you are having a rough day. Take it from Mario, mushrooms are good for you.

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