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Girl Scouts Offering Home Delivery and Online Ordering

Girl Scouts are nothing if not great sales people. I still remember the tactic that one girl had. She would put one box of samoas(caramel d’lites) on the desk and say it was the last one, knowing full well she had a full box underneath. THAT was so slick, I bought two boxes. Because you have to respect the hustle. Now during the COVID-19 panic that is happening now they are adapting their strategy and offering home delivery and online ordering.

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Now they have offered online ordering for a while now but it makes it much easier to know that you can have these delivered. I would order from my sister in laws kids and they would have them shipped to me. It was great. But now they are saying that you can do even more with your online orders.

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They are also doing this in order to protect themselves. And that is fully understandable while we’re all supposed to be safe at home and limiting contact. I’m honestly just glad they are offering this because I don’t think I could live without my sweet samoas.

One thing they are suggesting is to order them for first responders, medical centers and people on the front lines. Which is definitely a good idea. I don’t know about you but I’m about to order my doctors a few boxes myself. Just to let them know I appreciate what they are doing.

If you are interested in ordering Girl Scout cookies online please visit

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