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Friend Delivers a Roll of Toilet Paper to Buddy in San Francisco via Drone

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Such is shown as a friend pilots a drone across San Francisco with a roll of toilet paper attached.  

A Toilet Paper Roll’s Adventure

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During San Francisco’s Shelter-In-Place Ordinance, Ian Chan ran out of toilet paper and called up his friend David Chen for some help.  Due to the Coronavirus, it’s become difficult to find an abundance of sanitary items such as paper towels, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and of course, toilet paper.  

As an “aspiring drone racing pilot,” Chen got his drone ready, attaching a single roll of toilet paper on a string so that it dangles from the bottom of the drone.  He then piloted it right to Chan’s doorstep. 

The two friends captured the drone’s flight from multiple angles and shared them to Twitter on Wednesday.  

Keep Going!
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In the Twitter update, Chan states that he hopes people can get a good laugh from this, but still realize that the Coronavirus and its contagiousness is very serious.  

Flying a drone with a roll of toilet paper across San Francisco to help a friend in need. I mean, this is what friends are for, right?

Currently, the Coronavirus has impacted many countries, more prominently the United States, Italy, China, Spain, Germany, France, and Iran. This unprecedented situation is ever changing and it takes everybody to help prevent the spread.

To help slow the spread of the Coronavirus, it is recommended that people self quarantine in their homes and avoid going out to public places unless necessary. It is also advised to avoid touching your face and clean regularly.

All in all, stay safe and stay home.  I hope everyone is happy and healthy.  

Are you stocked up on toilet paper?  Would you ask your friend to deliver toilet paper?  Let us know in the comments!

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