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A Young Gordon Ramsey Goes On A Rampage In Fanmade Video

I will admit it, I have seen countless hours of Kitchen Nightmares the American and English one. Not to mention countless hours of Hell’s Kitchen. Heck Master Chef? Seen it, basically if it has to do with anything Gordon Ramsey I will freaking watch it. He is my spirit animal and makes me want to believe that I can cook an amazing dish. Plus I just love what he puts on twitter when rating other people’s food.

Ramsay Tweet
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He is more polite to children of course.

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Ramsay Tweet

But the reason I am writing today is because I just came across this brilliant fanmade video of a young Gordon and it’s so freaking perfect, even the little twitches and characteristics that make the famous chef who he is, the little lad has captured it, check it out!.
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