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Starbucks New Pineapple Matcha Review

Now I love Starbucks, my friends know this, my family know this, even the people at my local Starbucks know this. I love my local place, they know who I am and they know I like to ask for a muffin or a grilled cheese. Thanks guys! Having been out to run a few errands I was able to stop by my local Starbucks to grab something refreshing. I waited in line as per normal, it’s a busy place so I go if I have time. I see that they have two new drinks on the menu. One of them being Pineapple Matcha and another being Golden Ginger. The pineapple matcha is made with coconut milk (I am not crazy about that, but hey I do like a good Pink Drink!). Now this tickled my fancy because I love pineapple and I love matcha, I figured it would be like a healthy drink with that refreshing pineapple.

Boy was I wrong, ordered my drink and I was on my way home. I took one sip out of the drink. At first I didn’t taste anything. I thought maybe I was mistaken. So then, I swirled it around and took another drink. No, it was gross. It tasted heavily of coconut milk, powdered something, and that gross artificial pineapple flavor. Never in my life have I ever regretted something so much. I came home upset because I was ready to throw it out. My husband took a drink and he said it was ‘okay’. No, I threw it away.

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This was a horrible mistake and I hope that you will save your taste buds, this is a drink that you don’t need to order. I refuse to even try the ginger one, because with this experience, I will not ever try anything matcha pineapple again. EVER.

Score: 0/5

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