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Food Cubby So Your Food Doesn’t Touch Each Other

I know a lot of picky eaters. Heck I grew up during the times of “Oh you don’t like it? Guess you’re not hungry.” It wasn’t that I wasn’t hungry I just didn’t like spinach growing up. The juice going everywhere all over my food, blech, disgusting.

These days I have a lot of friends who are so picky that they don’t even like their food touching each other. See I am not THAT picky but I can understand that. Though personally, I love mixing certain foods up (it’s just yummier that way).

But for those of you that struggle with your food touching I have a resolution for you. It’s sold on Amazon, and it will be your savior in life.

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Behold! Amazon sells it in a dual pack and it’s not that expensive at all. But Hey for a small price you can now live without your food touching again.

Plus our editor says it’s great for kids who are super picky.

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