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Pillsbury To Release Peaches And Creme Cinnamon Rolls

Growing up I loved Thanksgiving mornings, why you ask? Because Dad would sometimes make cinnamon rolls and boy howdy were they ever delicious. Even now, I will murder a cinnamon roll if it is placed in front of me.

Awhile back Pillsbury had a poll for a new exclusive flavor and the two flavors that battled it out were Birthday Cake and Peaches & Creme. Well the people spoke and peaches and creme won! One Instagramer that I follow is called @candyhunting and they always post the latest and greatest food to come out. Well food as in sweets (the good stuff), and they just released this.

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Aw yeah son! Looks like I need to start stalking my local Stater Bros again. Because I HAVE to try this out, I am a peaches fan. But with cinnamon too!? Waiter I’ll have what she is having.

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